Thursday, 6 October 2011

friendships with cats and horses

the earliest memory have got is as a toddler,one of the routines had had then was to lie with foot sticking over the edge of the mattress,and out of the cot.
it is a routine that still exists to this day,it simply has to be over the edge.

humans back then were pretty much non existant to self,they had no meaning,walking past them had been like walking past a door or chair,they were just a blur of shapes,lines and colours-was not able to process them in the same way am able to process humans [whom are in routine] now.
however,can recall the first time a cat had come into the house,or rather was brought into the house.
apparently,as the story goes-this cat was pregnant and abandoned,and had lived in the warehouse at an old job of dads,all the men took pity on her [as they shoud do!] and used to feed her.
dad had rescued her because of the fact she was due to have them soon and needed to settle her in.

a box was placed on the floor,the sides of the top were lifted and all of a sudden something fell out of it.
was tranced by this flow of movement,coudnt look away.
soon enough,twinkle-as she was called,had gave birth to lots of kittens.
it was very strange hearing lots of kitten mewing and seeing twinkle change the kittens location every now and then by holding the scruff of their neck in her mouth.

eventualy they werent there any more-mum and dad had given them all away.

unfortunately,back then,was very rough with animals,did not have an understanding of hurt so although was very attached to twinkle did not understand when was being rough.

can remember a stray cat that had come along and moved in,soon after having got very attached to her she was moved out by mum and dad to another owner because was very rough.

then one morning,had looked out of bedroom window,which was routine every morning.
it took a while of looking to realise twinkle was lying down outside.
mum came over to see what was looking at and screamed,had no idea why she was reacting like this,afterall twinkle was just lying down like she normaly does.
mum went out with dad,and for some reason he brought a big shovel,had followed them out,saw twinkle lying there on the side of the road,her mouth and fur all red-had not understood the difference at the time,had thought she was just sleeping like she usualy does.
kept trying to stroke her and was being shouted at then forced away when that didnt work,she very felt stiff.
dad picked twinkle up using the shovel,had not understood any of what was going on so had ended up flipping out and getting beaten by dad.

every day since twinkle going,have missed her,she had had a huge effect on life and still does now.
same goes for every cat.

cats have an autistic like personality and am guessing this is why have always found them natural to be around and built deep connections with.

am exactly the same with horses and have been since first coming into regular contact with them back in junior school.
the very first pony had built up a routine and bond with was a small but tubby sandy coloured shetland called sandy.
we had a friendship that no one else coud understand,have always felt mentaly connected to horses, in the same way twins are supposed to be with each other.
it feels like we are joined together when connected like this.

at riding schools,was often put on the ponies and horses which only the expert riders got put on, a very memorable horse of this kind was a thoroughbred called heather.
she bucked and bolted; galloping randomly even with experts on her back and no one ever wanted to ride her,but we had built up a friendship after visiting her stable often.
when was sat on her back,it was like we were merged together,thinking together,like with sandy and every other pony and horse.

she was always calm,she moved so smoothly,people often say thoroughbreds are uncomfortable to ride but have never had that experience.
riding instructors coud not believe how good she was,whenever was with her.
unfortunately though,the owner sold her because they said she had behavioral issues and wasnt suited as a riding school horse,woud have loved to have bought her.
have ridden many so called 'problem' horses including a number of thoroughbreds and arabs, and never had issues with them,its all in the person and how they connect.

woud love just to have a unbroken shetland pony as a special friend,the majority of horse riders only ever think about having a horse for riding and dont want the horse if they are unriderable,have known many who get them put to sleep when they are unrideable but otherwise healthy,putting money/worth above the lifelong friendship a horse gives.

woud always recommend to anyone with autism,or parents of someone with autism,especialy when they seemingly do not seem connected with people and the world,to involve them in the world of horses-or get a cat,animals can reach far beyond the depths of autism,and if the persons experience is anything like mine they will slowly be encouraged to take in what is around them,if they want to accept it that is.

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